Women have tireless pursuits on the road of becoming beautiful and refined.

May 26, 2022

Latest company news about Women have tireless pursuits on the road of becoming beautiful and refined.

Women have tireless pursuits on the road of becoming beautiful and refined.


After all, the matter of "love beauty" not only makes people feel happy, but also makes people more confident when walking on the street.


In today's rapidly developing society, everyone has an equal right to pursue beauty, and there are endless ways to become beautiful.

But then came the phenomenon of comparisons.


Buy seven or eight thousand brand-name bags, use the most luxurious cosmetics and skin care products, stock up on the latest lipsticks, and spray expensive perfumes.


But such a life belongs only to a segment of the upper middle class.


For those with a monthly salary of 10,000 and below, it is unimaginable.

Take my classmate as an example. She earns 10,000 yuan a month and saves 7,000 to 8,000 yuan to buy perfume.


She said: Only big-name perfumes have unique fragrances, and they won't easily "collide" with others.


Doesn't that slum girl deserve to have a sense of luxury?


of course not.


Essential oils can also replace perfumes, and essential oils also have a fragrant and unique smell.


Today I will teach you how to use two essential oils to create your own feminine fragrance.


The "magic of charm" in plants, ylang ylang essential oil.


Ylang-ylang is sometimes referred to as the "poor man's jasmine," but in fact, it's always found in high-end fragrances.


A perfumer once described ylang-ylang: an essential oil alone is enough to be called a perfume. Because its molecules are complex, complete, and evenly proportioned, the scents of the front, middle and back notes are complete.


The aroma of ylang ylang can give people a feeling of warmth and reassurance, so that it can play a warm and aphrodisiac effect in the application of aromatherapy.


Ylang-ylang is used as a homemade essential oil perfume. It is a good fixative. It will have quite unexpected effects if it is mixed with vetiver and rose grass. If it is mixed with other flowers, such as orange blossom, lavender, and jasmine There will be a rather elegant compound scent.


Benzoin essential oil, its taste can be said to be the leader of the essential oil industry. When I smelled it for the first time, I was instantly blown away.


It has a peculiar sweet smell, the only downside is that it is slow to develop.


Although benzoin oil has skin-repairing properties, it is now used by most people as a fixative in perfumes.


The smell of benzoin essential oil is that warm and sweet, it can sweeten your heart just by smelling it and make people smile unconsciously.


Not greasy or pungent, but it can attract people tightly. This feeling is like the novelty of first love, and it will surprise you every now and then.

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