Vishmanni Distilled Ginger Extract Liquid , Ginger Hydrosol For Health Care
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Vishmanni Distilled Ginger Extract Liquid , Ginger Hydrosol For Health Care
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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: vishmanni
Certification: MSDS
Model Number: Ginger extract
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Distilled ginger extract liquid


vishmanni ginger extract liquid


Distilled ginger hydrosol

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Packaging Details: Barreled
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
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Supply Ability: 1~10 tons
Product Name: Ginger Extract
Extraction Method: Water Distillation
Color: Yellow
CAS: 84696-15-1
Product Description

Pure Plant Extract Ginger Extract Liquid 100ML 30KG Invigorate Blood Dispel The Wind



Product Description:


Ginger root is widely used as a digestive aid for mild stomach discomfort, and is recommended by professional herbalists to help prevent or treat nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness, pregnancy, etc. It has the functions of invigorating the stomach and resisting gastric ulcer, promoting choleretics, protecting the liver, strengthening the heart, inhibiting platelet aggregation, preventing dizziness, anti-tumor, central inhibition, enhancing immunity, antibacterial, insecticidal, and anti-inflammatory effects, and also has a strong antioxidant capacity . Used as a food additive; used in the preparation of flavors.





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1. Antioxidant, inhibit tumor


The gingerol and diphenylheptane compounds that are often contained in ginger slices have strong antioxidant properties and cholesterol-lowering effects; secondly, they have anti-tumor effects; in addition, eating ginger can delay aging, and the elderly often eat ginger Can remove "age spots".



2. Invigorate the spleen and appetite, invigorate the spleen and stomach, promote appetite


In the hot summer days, the metabolism of saliva and gastric acid in the body will decrease, which affects appetite. If you eat a few slices of ginger before a meal, it can stimulate the metabolism of saliva, gastric acid and digestive enzymes, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and improve appetite. This is the common saying of "Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer" and "Eat ginger if the rice is not fragrant".



3. Reduce heat, reduce temperature, and wake up


In the case of extreme heat, it has the effects of excitement, excessive sweating and cooling, and refreshing. For patients with general hot symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, chest tightness, nausea, etc., drinking some ginger syrup in moderation is of great benefit.



4. Sterilization and detoxification


Ginger slices can have some antibacterial effects, especially for Salmonella. In the hot summer, food is very susceptible to environmental pollution by germs, and it grows and reproduces quickly, which is very easy to cause acute gastroenteritis. Eating some ginger slices appropriately can have a preventive effect.



5. Anti motion sickness, stop nausea and retching


It refers to the "syndrome of poor fitness exercise integration" caused by some fitness exercises. Ginger powder has a high efficiency of 90% for headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of motion sickness, and the drug can last for more than 4 hours. In folk custom, eating ginger to prevent motion sickness and airsickness, or sticking to Neiguan acupoint, has significant practical effects, so it is known as the "holy medicine for vomiting family".



6. Promote blood circulation and drive away damp evil


The cold can cause fever and colds. Drinking some ginger-syrup water can improve the blood circulation system and heat the whole body, which is beneficial to drive away the body's cold syndrome.



7. Reduce arteriosclerosis


Ginger extract can block platelet aggregation, reduce blood cell cholesterol, petrolatum triester, low-density protein, and reduce the production of arteriosclerosis.



Product Name Ginger extract
Extraction Method Water Distillation
color YELLOW
CAS 84696-15-1


Vishmanni Distilled Ginger Extract Liquid , Ginger Hydrosol For Health Care 0

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