Vishmanni CAS 8007 08 7 Herbal Essential Oils Ginger Oil For Massage Distilled
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Vishmanni CAS 8007 08 7 Herbal Essential Oils Ginger Oil For Massage Distilled
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: vishmanni
Certification: MSDS
Model Number: VM-158
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CAS 8007 08 7 Herbal Essential Oils


vishmanni Herbal Essential Oils


CAS 8007 08 7 ginger oil for massage

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Packaging Details: Aluminum cans or iron drums
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1~10 tons
Product Name: Ginger Essential Oil
Main Origin Of Raw Materials: China
Extraction Method: Distillation
Odor: The Characteristics Of Ginger Oil
CAS#: 8007-08-7
Color: Maroon
Product Description

Ginger Oil 5KG Distilled Pure Natural Essential Oil Dissipate Congestion Dispel Cold


Product Description:


Ginger belongs to the genus Zingiberaceae and is a perennial herb. The main producing areas are China, India, Sri Lanka, the United States and Europe. The ginger oil can be obtained by crushing the underground fleshy stems and steam distillation. The oil yield is about 0.3%. The product is a light yellow liquid with a spicy odor of ginger, but the taste is not very spicy. The cold pressing method can also be used to extract the oil. , The oil yield is about 0.33%.





1. Hair care effect


Use water-soluble ginger oil to reconcile the scalp and hair in the shampoo. The gingerol, gingerene oil and other ingredients can normalize the blood circulation of the head skin, promote the metabolism of the scalp, activate the hair follicle tissue, and effectively prevent hair loss , White hair, stimulate new growth, inhibit scalp itching, strengthen hair roots. Repair the hair follicles at the roots, promote the healthy growth of hair strands, and achieve the role of "hair follicle stem cells" repair.



2. Mental maintenance


Reconciling shampoo in the shampoo can drive the head wind, and has a certain therapeutic effect on migraines and periodic headaches. It can also relax the head nerves, clear the mind, activate thoughts, and improve memory. It is good for mental maintenance. method.



3. Body care


Body bath: In the winter season, put 5-8 drops of ginger oil in a bathtub of warm water, bathing can promote blood circulation, make the whole body warm, treat cold syndrome, and have a more aphrodisiac effect.



Body massage: Use 5-7 drops of ginger oil to make a full-body massage, which can activate the whole body's mental tissues, make the whole body warm, drive wind, treat colds, relieve muscle aches and aphrodisiac.



Foot bath: Put 3-5 drops of ginger oil in a basin of warm water to soak your feet. It can treat cold hands and feet, excessive sweating of the feet, and a certain effect on tinea pedis. Massage your feet with ginger oil can warm your emotions, inspire your heart, and improve neurasthenia, mental exhaustion, dizziness, and active thoughts. At the same time, it stimulates the plantar acupuncture points and enhances the metabolism of various systems, thereby relaxing the body and relieving fatigue. It can regulate and relax the nervous nerves, reconcile the qi and blood of the meridians, improve the quality of sleep, and relieve sleep disorders such as dreaminess and early awakening. Especially for busy overtime workers, the effect of driving away fatigue is very good.



Motion sickness: apply ginger oil directly to the person, temples or drop it on the palm and massage the stomach to relieve dizziness and vomiting caused by motion sickness.



To relieve stomach pain, joint pain, abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea, sprains, contusions, etc.: Take 3-5 drops of ginger oil and apply to the painful area, which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects;


Cooperate with kidney maintenance, meridian detoxification, Gu Sha, shoulder and neck maintenance;



Product Name

Ginger Essential Oil

Raw Material Plant


Main origin of Raw Materials


Extraction Method



The characteristics of ginger oil

Relative Density


Refractive Index

CAS# 8007-08-7

Main Ingredient

Zingerenone, gingerenol, gingerene, phellandrene, farnesene, eucalyptol, bornyl, bornyl acetate, geraniol, linalool, nonanal, decanal, etc.



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