《Tips of breast massage oil 》

November 24, 2021

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how to choose high-quality carrier oil for women to enjoy essential oil massage and breast enhancement. Essential oil massage has a good effect. It can help lose weight, eliminate toxins, and have additional effects on specific parts.Many girls like breast massage. As long as you use a few minutes before going to bed, you can achieve the breast enhancement effect of dredging the breast. In the process of massage, the use of essential oil can achieve the effect of lubrication. After absorption, it can also promote the body circulation, and the fragrant aroma can help women stabilize their emotions.In this process, we must choose high-quality essential oils. Poor essential oils will hurt the body, but the effect is not good.Good essential oil mainly has these factors.

latest company news about 《Tips of breast massage oil 》  0

1、 Plant quality Essential oil is extracted from plants, so the quality of plants is very important.The origin and species of plants need to be identified.For example, rose essential oil is first Bulgarian roses, and the quality of roses produced here is more guaranteed.The more precious the plant source is, the more expensive the essential oil will be.

2、 Extraction method There are many ways to extract essential oils. Now most of them are extracted by distillation, so natural essential oils have the taste of plants themselves.In addition, there are balsam method, extrusion method, etc. different extraction methods require different time and energy. For example, the cost of solvent extraction method is relatively expensive. Because there are less essential oils extracted, more raw materials are needed.

3、 Preservation method The bottle for storing essential oil is usually dark and sealed to avoid light and oxidation.Girls should also put them in a cool place after they get their hands. They should be closed after each use. After the combination of essential oil and air, the nutrition will be reduced.

4、 Concentration The concentration of essential oil varies according to the characteristics of each plant.It mainly depends on whether the essential oil is added with too many other artificial materials, such as the content of additives such as pigment and essence.In order to preserve the essential oil, there will be a little preservative, which is normal. The price of high-quality essential oil is relatively high, especially for massage oil on the face.High concentration essential oils generally need to be diluted to reduce irritation.

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